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Laptop Dies, Can Geek Squad Save Me?

Posted on 22 August 2009 by Tim

I love my HP laptop. It’s quiet, performs great and the specs have satisfied me since 2007 when I bought it. However, Thursday night, shortly after interviewing the blog mastermind – Yaro Starak, my laptop took a deep breath and died. Did it die because it was overwhelmed by the awesomness of interviewing Yaro? Hard to say.

But, I won’t place the blame on him. Yaro’s a cool guy. I’m very grateful for his time and the fact that he even responded to my email! Lucky for me, I had saved the audio file to my external hard drive before the last hurrah.

I don’t know what exactly happened to my laptop.

In any case, I am now at the mercy of the Geek Squad, the orange and black computer repairmen (and women) who occupy a little section of my local Best Buy. Will the money I shelled out for a 3-year extended warranty pay off? Or will they come up short?

I’ll be sure to provide updates as the process carries on and review everything once I have my HP laptop back on my desk. I was quoted 14-21 days but the guy that helped me said their normal turn-around is about 10 days. Here’s hoping! Until then…my computer access is relatively limited.

Image by kmevans.

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