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Full Interview with Yaro Starak

Posted on 28 August 2009 by Tim

For some reason PodPress didn’t want to play the first of three parts of my podcast interview with Yaro Starak, author of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com. Yaro discusses how he has made money online for over 10 years. He now blogs full-time.

So, what I’ve decided to do is put it into a video/slideshow format so the entire interview is in one piece.

TalkwithTim.com Interview with Yaro Starak from Tim Moon on Vimeo.

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The Blog Mastermind Himself – Yaro Starak

Posted on 25 August 2009 by Tim

Welcome to my interview with Yaro Starak! I hope you enjoy the conversation. If you want to, you can download all three parts and add them to your mp3 player.

If PodPress is not working please visit this page to view the entire interview. Thanks!


Yaro Starak is an entrepreneur from Brisbane, Australia. Yaro is best known for his blog Entrepreneurs-Journey.com but he also runs Blog Mastermind, Membership Site Mastermind and Become A Blogger (with Gideon Shalwick).

He teaches people how to successfully run and make money with blogs – with affiliate sales, product creation and membership sites. Yaro interviews a lot of successful bloggers and students from his training programs which is a great way to pick up awesome tips. Some of my favorite podcasts include Jeremy Schoemaker from Shoemoney.com and Robb Sutton from RobbSutton.com and MtbTrailReview.com.

I will type up a transcript of the interview and post it up later this week.

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Laptop Dies, Can Geek Squad Save Me?

Posted on 22 August 2009 by Tim

I love my HP laptop. It’s quiet, performs great and the specs have satisfied me since 2007 when I bought it. However, Thursday night, shortly after interviewing the blog mastermind – Yaro Starak, my laptop took a deep breath and died. Did it die because it was overwhelmed by the awesomness of interviewing Yaro? Hard to say.

But, I won’t place the blame on him. Yaro’s a cool guy. I’m very grateful for his time and the fact that he even responded to my email! Lucky for me, I had saved the audio file to my external hard drive before the last hurrah.

I don’t know what exactly happened to my laptop.

In any case, I am now at the mercy of the Geek Squad, the orange and black computer repairmen (and women) who occupy a little section of my local Best Buy. Will the money I shelled out for a 3-year extended warranty pay off? Or will they come up short?

I’ll be sure to provide updates as the process carries on and review everything once I have my HP laptop back on my desk. I was quoted 14-21 days but the guy that helped me said their normal turn-around is about 10 days. Here’s hoping! Until then…my computer access is relatively limited.

Image by kmevans.

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