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Talk with Tim TV Episode 1

Posted on 30 December 2009 by Tim

Yesterday, I broke out my new Flip Ultra HD video camera to record my first episode of Talk with Tim TV on YouTube. The weather was chilly and I started just as the snow began. Overall, we ended up with 1-2 inches in town and much more in the hills around Vancouver, Washington.

Episode #1 Notes and Links:
Pirates kidnap 40+ sailors AGAIN! http://bit.ly/53Zusj
Snow in Vancouver, WA! Go away! But it looks nice at the graveyard… Graveyard? Yeah.
Visit Ben Hughes from ObviouslyBenHughes.com http://bit.ly/5×0eFb

Last year snow in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR was crazy. We don’t normally get snow so this year…when we got a measly 1-2″ everyone freaks out. Eeeek! Snooooow!! But the Columbia River looks great with the fog and snow and so does the graveyard. Oooh, spooky!

I’d like to put out some positive thoughts for the sailors who were captured by Somali pirates. It’s ridiculous we have to deal with pirates in the year 2009…this is a several hundred year old fad. Now it’s back in style like tight jeans and shaggy mop heads for guys (yuk!).

Music in Episode #1 by:

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Rocking’ With The SEACATS

Posted on 11 December 2009 by Tim

When you think of Northwest rock, most people think grunge or something along those lines. Well, these guys from Kelso, Washington are hittin’ the airwaves with funky, powerpop rock that is well worth listening to. The SEACATS are a nerdy blend of alt rock with plenty of radio friendly tracks.

Their 6-track self-titled EP, offers up riffs and synths with equal vigor. Overall, the album is energetic but track 6 slows things down a bit. Although it’s slower, Paint (track 6) does not disappoint with its long storytelling feel, angry guitars and happy chimes. Fun, fun music!

Though some of the vocals sound young, the quality of the musicianship is well developed. With a positive feel and party time tunes I can see these guys rockin’ shows and iPods from coast to coast.

People seem to think we’re a 90’s throwback band. Could be worse I guess.” – SEACATS.

Click the image below to download their self-titled EP for Free!

Up tempo guitar chords, and bratty vocals just make me want to curl up with a bowl of POP’s and watch Nickelodeon cartoons when they were at their best“. Read more of the review of the SEACATS by Kris Foster.

SEACATS-We Don’t Sleep from The Mike And Joey Jesus Show on Vimeo.

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