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Watch Scary Movies with Dollar Bin Horror

Posted on 05 February 2010 by Tim

Have you ever seen Night Train to Terror or Jaws of Satan? If you have, you’re among good company at Dollar Bin Horror. If not, you may want to catch up! ‘Cause Dollar Bin Horror is “The Blog for Horror Fans on a Budget“!

Rhonny Reaper is the author of Dollar Bin Horror a blog devoted to low-budget horror films. She features a wide variety of horror film reviews and a she recently wrote a great recap of the best horror movies of 2009. Rhonny has been featured on the Zombie Grrlz Podcast and has received a number of awards for her review writing.

I came across Rhonny when she entered (and won) a free 2010 My Zombie Pinup Wall Calendar giveaway contest I held in December. I checked out her blog and thought it was a great horror movie review blog. So…here we are!

Interview with Rhonny Reaper

Lets get some history, when did you start to really get into horror films? What was the first one you remember watching?

Well the first time I ever watched horror was when I was 4. My parents got cable and I became enthralled by Tales From the Crypt. I really got into horror, though, when I was 14 and saw the first SAW film. It got me, hook line and sinker. The first full film I ever saw though was Killer Klowns from Outer Space and I still love that movie!

What is it about horror films that you like? (blood, gore, fear, etc.)

I love it all! I love being scared and I love some quality gore. I like the feeling you get after a big scare, your heart pounding out your chest, the hairs on your neck standing on end, the repulsive feeling you get from a bloody scene…it’s like a roller coaster without the $50 entrance fee!

What is it about horror films, especially cheap ones, that you enjoy?

I love all types of horror, but the cheap ones are kinda inspirational for me. I’m broke as hell and to see a really good and really low budget movie gives me the hope that I could be making something like that one day. Also the gore and fear in horror movies is like an adrenaline rush for me, kinda like why people love roller coasters or driving fast!

In your opinion, what makes a horror movie good?

A good horror film starts with a good story. The scariest films are the ones that you feel could really happen, that make you watch your back when you turn down the street. Also, the visual aspect has to be appealing. A film with a unintentionally horrible looking setting ever does well. And the acting has to be believable. If the character isn’t really scared, why the hell should I be?

Yeah, I respect well made low-budget films too. Have you heard of or seen the $70 zombie movie – Colin? What did you think of Paranormal Activity?

I just recently heard of it. I would love to review it and have sent an email to the producer to see if that’s possible. I liked Paranormal Activity but I thought it was over hyped, which actually kind of ruin the experience for me.

When did you begin blogging? Is Dollar Bin Horror your first site?

I started my blog around 4 months ago. I had a horror review MySpace page but MySpace got all up in my ass, so I said screw you and left the site all together. I feel having my own blog gives me the freedom to get my opinion of horror out there with restrictions.

DBH is only 4 months old? Wow! How much traffic are you getting at this point?

At this point, I’m not quite sure. I have a counter at the bottom of my page and it says I’ve had over 7,000 hits and I’m thankful for every single one of them.

For a new visitor to your blog, what 2-3 posts would recommend?

New visitors definitely check out the Spotlights because the people in them are some wonderful underground horror folk who are deserving of some recognition, and also the film reviews cause they show you don’t have to break the bank to see a good movie (Unless it’s bad, then you get to read me rip them a new one, and that’s always fun!)

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