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Personal Finance Blog Interviews

Posted on 16 January 2010 by Tim

As you’ve probably noticed, I am a fan of personal finance blogs and podcasts. I find them interesting and motivating and the personal finance community is very supportive and down-to-earth.

Although I like to visit a variety of blogs individually, if you don’t have the time or interest I recommend checking out a few of the personal finance related blog carnivals. These are basically weekly collections of really good blog posts. I like the Carnival of Personal Finance, the Carnival of Debt Reduction and the Festival of Frugality.

Do you have personal finance, investing or money saving questions? If so, comment below and I’ll help you find answers!

I have been lucky enough to have interviewed many of the most popular blogs in this niche including:

I plan to continue interviewing personal finance bloggers. But I also want to drill down and hit on some specific topics. If you have suggestions for what you’d like to learn more about please comment below.

I also wanted to say thank you to all these bloggers for writing amazing articles and (of course) for talking with me!

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Top 20 Personal Finance Blogs

Posted on 02 November 2009 by Tim

Understanding, controlling and improving my personal finances has always been an interest of mine. So much so, that for a couple years I ran a personal finance blog. Although I no longer write exclusively about personal finances I do want to share with you my Top 20 Personal Finance Blogs.

My list is a reflection of my preferences and thus is wholly subjective. You’ll find that there are many great personal finance, investing and money saving blogs out there written by talented and friendly people. So, I encourage you to use my Top 20 as a starting point to find other great sites. If you’ve found one that warrants some attention please include a description and a link in the comments below!

The Top 20 Personal Finance Blogs

  1. My Money Blog – This is the first personal finance blog I ever read and it’s still one of my favorites. My Money Blog answers reader questions, conducts interviews (travel Asia for $9/day?) and gives tips on how to make or save money. Jonathan shares his personal net worth, over $248,000 as of August, and his investment portfolio.
    [Stats: PR3, 11,491 Subscribers, 7,998 Compete, 6,743 Quantcast] Find MMB on Twitter.
  2. Bargaineering – Over the years, Jim Wang’s Bargaineering.com has been featured in The New York Times, Business Week, Smart Money, and many others. Jim’s grasp of financial issues has even earned him appearances on ABC News. With an MBA and an understanding of economics, Jim provides fun and insightful articles that will help you develop your blueprint for financial prosperity. Two Recent Posts: Should you consider pre-paid cell phones? Maybe you’re looking into a Netflix subscription?
    [Stats: PR3, 11,031 Subscribers, 8,585 Compete, 8,469 Quantcast] Find Jim on Twitter or Facebook.
  3. Bargain Briana – This mother of four works as a Controller for an HVAC & Plumbing contractor by day and a blogger by night. She rounds up and shares great deals on all sorts of products. In addition to sharing great deals with us, Briana also does giveaways! “Because Bargains Don’t Find Themselves
    [Stats: PR3, 6,732 Subscribers, 14,218 Compete, 30,267 Quantcast] Find Bargain Briana on Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Budgets Are SexyJ.Money, an under-30 blogger from the DC Metro, runs a surprisingly entertaining blogger showdown, shares his net worth and makes personal finance topics enjoyable to read. Budgets Are Sexy is written with the kind of playful style the name suggests.
    [Stats: PR3, 1,488 Subscribers, 69,486 Compete, Unknown Quantcast] Find J.Money on Twitter and Facebook.
  5. I Will Teach You To Be Rich – Ramit Sethi, author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich (the blog and book), focuses on personal finances and a healthy dose of entrepreneurship-focused lessons. Learn how to negotiate like an Indian and learn how to DO instead of simply KNOW.
    [Stats: PR3, Unknown Subscribers, 32,836 Compete, ~153,253 Quantcast] Find Ramit on Twitter.
  6. Get Rich Slowly – “Most inspiring money blog,” according to Money magazine. J.D. Roth, author of Get Rich Slowly and co-host of the Personal Finance Hour on BlogTalkRadio, is devoted to a sensible personal finance philosophy.
    [Stats: PR5, 67,914 Subscribers,7,076 Compete, 5,986 Quantcast] Find JD on Twitter or Facebook.
  7. Money Saving Mom – “Helping You Be A Better Home Economist.” Coupons, deals, freebies…pinch those pennies in style with the Money Saving Mom. Crystal Paine, mother of three, shares a ton of great ways to make the most of your money.
    [Stats: PR5, Unknown Subscribers, 4,461 Compete, 13,323 Quantcast] Find Crystal on Twitter or Facebook.
  8. Consumerism Commentary – Features: frequent personal net worth updates, awesome tips and articles and one of best personal finance podcasts. Flexo writes great reviews, like his recent update on ING Direct. Consumerism Commentary is great because Flexo tends to write really meaty articles. Even if they’re short, they have a lot of substance.
    [Stats: PR6, 9,417 Subscribers, 20,252 Compete, 14,379 Quantcast] Find Flexo on Twitter or Facebook.
  9. No Credit Needed – NCN focuses on becoming, and living, debt free. Looking for ways to become debt free? Read about how NCN used a little experiment to help him destroy his debt! You may remember me mentioning No Credit Needed in my awesome personal finance podcast review. One more cool thing – NCN wrote a free debt reduction ebook!
    [Stats: PR3, 5,538 Subscribers, 91,482 Compete, 72,373 Quantcast
  10. Money Ning - This is one of the newest personal finance blogs I've started reading on a regular basis. David Ning is an author, entrepreneur and blogger. David also runs PF Buzz, a social networking site for personal finance blogs. To get an idea of what Money Ning is about, check out the latest monthly review. From the serious to the hypothetical, like "what would you do with lots of money?", you're going to learn a thing or two about money.
    [Stats: PR4, 3,072 Subscribers, 23,022 Compete, 34,456 Quantcast]
  11. Man vs. DebtAttention! Join the MvD Militia! Or just read Adam Baker’s awesome personal finance blog Man vs. Debt. You’ll get a look at Adam’s budgetary ups and downs, learn how to kick butt like Rocky, and hit the battlefield in the War on Debt.
    [Stats: PR5, 2,917 Subscribers, 49,199 Compete, 73,194 Quantcast] Find Adam on Twitter or Facebook
  12. Free Money FinanceFMF explores a variety of personal finance and money topics including interesting topics like how intelligence is linked to income but not wealth. Not only is the site informative but all the revenue generated by FMF is donated to charitynearly $200,000!
    [Stats: PR5, 13,931 Subscribers, 22,057 Compete, 19,762 Quantcast]
  13. Bargain Babe – The Bargain Babe finds many ways to save money, sharing the savings with her readers and having a great time while doing it. Thinking of using layaway for Christmas this year, you’ll want to read this.
    [Stats: PR3, 2,317 Subscribers, 59,482 Compete, N/A Quantcast] Find Bargain Babe on Twitter and Facebook
  14. My Two Dollars – Recently, I interviewed David about his blog and personal finances. He’s a real cool guy and he writes great stuff like where to find green jobs!
    [Stats: PR2, 3,044 Subscribers, 65,226 Compete, 59,420 Quantcast] Find David on Twitter or LinkedIn
  15. The Digeratti Life – Looking for a place to squirrel away some cash? Check out what The Digerati Life has to say. Known only as Silicon Valley Blogger, this secret agent…er, writer…contributes to many different sites including WiseBread.
    [Stats: PR2, 5,028 Subscribers, 21,361 Compete, 15,569 Quantcast] Find SVB on Twitter
  16. The Simple Dollar – Following a financial meltdown in 2006, Trent Hamm decided to get things squared away and learn how to manage his money. Now, Trent mostly stays on track despite the occasional stumble. Along with frequent blogging, Trent has written several books including 31 Days to Fix Your Finances. Or you can download his free ebook – Everything You Ever Really Needed to Know About Personal Finance On Just One Page.
    [Stats: PR6, 67,990 Subscribers, 8,919 Compete, 8,185 Quantcast] Find Trent on Twitter and Facebook
  17. Dual Income No Kids (DINKs) Finance – Both Miel and James are from Oregon, near where I live, and have been writing DINKs Finance since 2005. Recently, attitude towards savings was discussed, “…savings accounts can serve purposes larger than just emergency funds.” James wrote about how to avoid the 6 common investing mistakes. Their articles are thoughtful and useful. It’s interesting to hear from a married couple who doesn’t have kids.
    [Stats: PR4, 846 Subscribers, 271,443 Compete, 302,160 Quantcast] Find DINKs on Twitter
  18. Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge – “Single, attached, Korean-American (yes, I prefer the hyphen), nerdy, liberal, and freaked out about my financial future.” With a playful, casual style Mapgirl shares her personal finance experiences, money saving tips and investing strategies. Like many other personal finance bloggers, Mapgirl shares her personal net worth.
    [Stats: PR5, 293 Subscribers, 489,736 Compete, 484,087 Quantcast]
  19. Mighty Bargain Hunter – Reading MBHunter will not make you a stingy scoundrel. But you will find one thing you can count on in this economy. MBH was among the first few personal finance blogs I ever read. It’s still a great blog all these years later.
    [Stats: PR3, 3,114 Subscribers, 92,204 Compete, 100,590 Quantcast] Follow MBHunter on Twitter
  20. All Financial MattersJLP has been writing about personal finances since 2005. You’ll find updates of his investing portfolio and 30 jobs that pay $80,000 per year! JLP’s commentary on financial news makes his site one of must-read blogs.
    [Stats: PR5, 5,381 Subscribers, 43,891 Compete, 62,607 Quantcast] Find AFM on Twitter

Want more? Check out these three Top 100 Personal Finance Blog rankings:

Thanks for droppin’ in!

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