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Talk with Tim TV Episode 1

Posted on 30 December 2009 by Tim

Yesterday, I broke out my new Flip Ultra HD video camera to record my first episode of Talk with Tim TV on YouTube. The weather was chilly and I started just as the snow began. Overall, we ended up with 1-2 inches in town and much more in the hills around Vancouver, Washington.

Episode #1 Notes and Links:
Pirates kidnap 40+ sailors AGAIN! http://bit.ly/53Zusj
Snow in Vancouver, WA! Go away! But it looks nice at the graveyard… Graveyard? Yeah.
Visit Ben Hughes from ObviouslyBenHughes.com http://bit.ly/5×0eFb

Last year snow in Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR was crazy. We don’t normally get snow so this year…when we got a measly 1-2″ everyone freaks out. Eeeek! Snooooow!! But the Columbia River looks great with the fog and snow and so does the graveyard. Oooh, spooky!

I’d like to put out some positive thoughts for the sailors who were captured by Somali pirates. It’s ridiculous we have to deal with pirates in the year 2009…this is a several hundred year old fad. Now it’s back in style like tight jeans and shaggy mop heads for guys (yuk!).

Music in Episode #1 by:

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The Cliche Remix LP by Ultraklystron (Karl Olson)

Posted on 22 September 2009 by Tim

I first came across Ultraklystron, or Karl Olson, from the Top 10 Nerdcore Artists of All-Time on Hipster, Please! Thanks to Z (from Hipster, Please!) for introducing me to him because since then I’ve been enjoying Karl’s complex rhymes and quality production.

icon for podpress  Standard Podcast [3:44m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (115)

icon for podpress  Standard Podcast [3:23m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (86)

The Cliche Remix LP

I’ve never really done a proper remix LP of my music, but since I’ve done two records in a row without any remixes on them, and because I ended up with an unexpected bit of extra time (thanks recession,) I decided to take my previously over-produced nerdcore tracks and make them exceedingly nasty and raw,” Karl explains in his liner notes.

Of all the tracks, Fashionable tops my favorites ’cause it has a great beat to dance to and I like the vocal samples. Gothic Lolitas is another fun track to add to your playlist. Topics are varied and include gaming, anime and girls.

I mentioned The Cliche Remix LP in my article – 7 Album Reviews, 140 Characters Each. Here’s what I said in my earlier review (110 characters): Cliche Remix LP Top nerd artist retools old hits. Awesome party/gaming/dance music. Free to DL but worth cash. Yup, you can download the whole album free!

Download The Cliche Remix LP by Ultraklystron Here

Track List:

  1. Game Over (Premix Dub)
  2. Gothic Lolitas (Jungle Dub)
  3. He’s A OG (Grime Dub)
  4. Fashionable (Electro Dub)
  5. Dumb Crush (Jungle Dub)
  6. Acta Attack (Grime Dub)
  7. DYKMK (MidTempo Dub)
  8. Absolution (Jungle Dub)
  9. Death Won’t Stop This (Grime Dub)
  10. Surprise Surprise (Jungle Dub)

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