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Northwest Rockers: Hookah Stew

Posted on 08 February 2010 by Tim

Three guys blaze energetic rock in the Northwest like no other. They are known as Hookah Stew and they will light you up with their fun, party-like live shows and albums!

Their magnetism pulls at you, even through a pair of ear buds. And fans often wear their awesome looking Mountain Dew-inspired Hookah Stew t-shirts!

Their current single, Rollergirl, is a loving look at roller derby ladies and their sexy demeanor. Not surprisingly, this track has been getting some well deserved airtime on West Coast radio stations. If you haven’t heard it yet, visit their MySpace page and enjoy!

Here’s a bit of the lyrics… (See the music video below!)

Queen of the Derby
the pride of her league
skull and crossbones
raking on her right sleeve
all the boys wanna know what she’s about
but they’re too scared to ask
’cause they might get takin’ out

Look for a new full length album from Hookah Stew in the Spring of 2010.

Formed back in 1993 by Adrian “Ace” Johnson and Johnny Young, they later added Mikey Masters as their drummer after a two year break.

Picked it back up in 2006, and have been doin’ it since,” says Johnny.

With strong musical influences in their lives the three knew pretty early that music was a passion. Johnny wrote his first song at the age of 5 and after getting on stage for the first time, it was clear that performing was for him.

The trio tours constantly, performing all over the country. In a brief chat with Young, he told me this story…

Crazy was 2000 on tour, we stayed at the same hotel as the Backstreet Boys. They were pretty big at the time, and there were at least 1000 fans out front and in the lobby trying to get an autograph, but the boys weren’t coming out to oblige their fans.

When we pulled up with our guitars in hand, all these autograph starved girls rushed towards us asking us if we would sign something for them!

It was a rockstar moment right out of history.

They hadn’t a clue who we were, but they weren’t leaving empty handed. haha!

Thanks Backstreet for letting us steal a little thunder.

RollerGirl by HookahStew

HOOKAH STEW | MySpace Music Videos

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