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Next Level by Dual Core

Posted on 09 September 2009 by Tim

From rollin’ D20s, seeding torrents, hacking to tech support, Dual Core covers the gamut of nerd life on Next Level.

Overall Score: 85/100

Next Level is what happens when two creative and talented people collaborate. Not only that, int eighty and c64 pull in the top names of nerdcore hip hop – MC Frontalot, YTCracker, Schaffer the Darklord, Beefy, Mega Ran – to join the party.

They kick off the album with a rock-based beat that has to be one of the best intro tracks I’ve heard in a while and it comes with the added benefit of not being named Intro. For You leads nicely into Kick Back and Natural 20s, two of my favorite tracks. Also topping my list of faves is The Game and Magnificent Seven. Eighty gets reflective on Life’s Work and Letter to c64. The latter being a nice touch of old school hip hop when MCs showed more respect to their DJs. Painting Pictures is a great personal track, not only is the beat hot but the lyrics are touching. The storytelling eighty employs reminds me a lot of Slug from Atmosphere.

Learn more here – Tim interviews Dual Core

My main complaint is about the sample on track 5 – I Remember, it was really repetitive and annoying. Overall, Next Level is awesome. I had a great time reviewing the album and it certainly earned a spot on my MP3 player. Be sure to check it out.

What do you think of the album? Leave a comment below.

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Dual Core Hits The Next Level With Their New Album

Posted on 12 August 2009 by Tim

Two guys. Two countries. One passion – making awesome music.

Dual Core is a nerdcore hip hop group comprising of c64, the producer/DJ and eighty, the MC. These two guys combine their musical powers to create hits like Hostage Down, End of the World, My GF is… and Take it Back. Since 2007, Dual Core has released 4 albums – Zero One, Super Powers, Lost Reality and Next Level.

“His beats made me want to rap, and he quickly became one of my favorite producers,” recalls eighty in regards to c64’s production.

A Little Background

How did the name Dual Core come about?

eighty: Living on separate sides of the ocean, we’ve spent almost our entire career working separately. I saw us as two separate processors working in unison, essentially like a dual core chip.

c64: A lot of our tracks have computer-based references too, so the name was ideal.

What musicians influence your style?

c64: I’m a big fan of underground hip hop – a common interest which lead to myself and eighty originally meeting on a website years ago. A few of my favourite hip hop producers / deejays came to prominence in the 1990s, such as DJ Premier, RZA of Wu-tang Clan, Muggs of Cypress Hill, Dr Dre and Pete Rock – you may hear their influence in my sampling techniques and scratches. I listen to a lot of electronic music, most recently groups like The Prodigy and The Qemists, along with UK-based sounds like drum and bass and dubstep. Portishead have also been on my playlist a lot recently. A lot of older music inspires me heavily – snippets of soul, jazz, heavy metal, psychedelic 70s stuff, 80s rock – it all makes its way into our music in one form or other. I also have a large amount of respect for ‘chiptune’ artists – the level of creativity shown with such limited tools is incredible.

eighty: I grew up in Cincinnati hearing midwest underground hip hop. Acts like Hi-tek/Reflection Eternal, RJD2/MHz, J.Dilla/Slum Village, Molemen, and Blueprint helped define my taste in music. Currently listen to all sorts of music can be found in my ipod which round out the sound of the music we make.

The New Album: Next Level

Your new album Next Level is pretty sweet and it’s clear you put a lot of effort into it. When did you guys start working on Next Level and what areas did you focus on to improve musically?

eighty: Thanks! We technically started on it early in 2009, but much of the work was completed in the months before the release. I can’t say enough about the awesome that is c64′s work ethic. As for improvement, I just tried to keep up with his production like on every Dual Core release.

c64: I started work on instrumental tracks in 2008, and put the best ideas aside for the album. All the writing, mixing and artwork was completed over the last few months though. We tend to set ourselves short deadlines that don’t fit in well with our non-musical lives, but they push us into completing albums! My personal aim was to be happy with the sound of every single track, create something that is a an accurate reflection of our influences and real lives, and make interesting, non-disposable music that I (as a listener) would enjoy. Eighty really stepped it up with the concepts and story-telling on this album, and as a result we have produced what I believe are our best ever songs. When I first heard the raw vocals for ‘Painting Pictures’ and ‘Life’s Work’, I knew we had created something special. Hopefully our listeners will think so too.

Recent Events

What did you think of Nerdapalooza this year?

eighty: It was a blast! We already have some plans in the works for next year.

c64: It was great seeing everyone get together to perform our collaboration song ‘Magnificent 7′ – I believe there are 3 or 4 seperate videos on Youtube! After working on the track remotely that was definitely a big moment for me. Unfortunately flights from the UK were a bit too expensive this year, but it would be cool to make it out there in the future and experience Nerdapalooza first-hand.

I see you’re playing at the Facebook party in Las Vegas. How did you guys manage to snag that opportunity?

eighty: It was all thanks to ytcracker, he hipped the Facebook folks to our music. It turns out our contact at Facebook is a fan of the song “My GF Is…”

c64: Shout outs to ytcracker! You can check his slick flow on our new tracks ‘I Remember’ and ‘Magnificent 7′. Also many thanks to the other artists who made guest appearances [on the album] – our man Remington Forbes, Beefy, Random, Schaffer the Darklord, MC Frontalot and MC Lars.

Want more Dual Core? You can find them here:

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Nerdcore’s Beefy Is In Short Supply

Posted on 18 July 2009 by Tim

Keith A. Moore, Beefy, or Beef Thompson, whatever you want to call him this man can flow. Beefy barged onto the nerdcore rap scene in 2005 with two EPs – The Whitesican EP and nerd. Beefy hasn’t kept fans waiting long in between albums. Tube Technology hit the net in 2006, and 2007 saw the release of two albums – The Adventures of Beef Thompson: Private Dick and Bremelanotide (with The Grammar Club). Rolling Doubles dropped in ’08 and most recently fans were treated to The Adventures of Beef Thompson: IN SPACE. Whew!

Beefy even had the opportunity to perform in Amsterdam in early 2009 with MC Frontalot, MC Lars, YTCracker and MC Router. Before Beefy headed off to Nerdapalooza, I was able to ask him a few questions about his album and The Grammar Club. Here’s what I came away with…

Beefy-At-Nerdcore-Rising-PAX08 You have a new album you’re working on called Shining, is that right? What can Beefy fans expect to hear? Any collabs?

I’m working on two solo projects right now. With Sprinkles which will have guests like Shael Riley, Dual Core and some people I’ve never worked with before. The second album is being produced by The OneUps’ Mustin and was at one point going to be called Shiny but at the moment we don’t have a name for it. It will however feature MC Lars.

How are things going on the new Grammar Club album? When is that due out?

Grammar Club tracks take a long time to complete due to the nature of our creative setup. We do have a lot of demos right now for the next album and some complete tracks we plan on previewing at the upcoming Nerdapalooza event. Shael is also working on a solo album with his band the Double Ice Backfire, so while we’re always working on The Grammar Club our solo work is our main focus for the time being.

Presumably you’ll be heading to PAX 2009, any chance you’ll be performing?

We’re trying to work out plans for a Pre-PAX show, but besides that I won’t be performing at the actual PAX event. That kind of thing is reserved for the kinds of artists that are on a whole other level than my own.

If you were meeting someone who had never heard of Beefy, what would you tell them?

I tell em that I make hip-hop music for nerds about things like Street Fighter and comic books that is wildly relatable and fun. I would also tell them that I love hugs and that my music is like an ear hug.

Beefy Around The Web:

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