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CEO Mica Moreno of Restored Clothing Company

Posted on 03 August 2009 by Tim

Welcome to TalkwithTim.com’s first Podcast!

Today, I’ll be speaking with CEO Mica Moreno who started Restored Clothing Company about 2 years ago. Based in Chico, California the company creates some amazing t-shirts and accessories and collaborates with musicians and sponsors BMX riders to help spread their message. A 10% donation is made from each sale to one of four charities that the company supports.

Follow Restored Clothing on Twitter here. You can also become a fan on Facebook.

Please Note: The interview is in two parts due to frustrating upload file size limits. (grr!) Be sure to listen to both parts! Enjoy!

Restored Clothing Company Logo



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Spread the Lovebox for Charity

Posted on 14 July 2009 by Tim

Spreading the word about charities – that is the goal of Lovebox. The company describes it as a “digital wristband” to show your support for a new charity every month. Lovebox gets the message out utilizing social media like Facebook, MySpace and the new media giant – Twitter.

So, how does this work? You simply swap out your profile image for one of their colorful heart logos and, hopefully, donate a bit of change to a good cause.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to talk with Michael Murdoch, one of the co-founders of Lovebox. Here’s our conversation.



What sparked the idea for Lovebox and when was the site launched?

The idea was sparked by the take up of Twitter. Myself, Michael Murdoch and my friend, Kaushik Bhattacharya soon realised how powerful messages on Twitter can be. We wanted to harness this power for good causes. We then noticed Twitter avatars changing to black, due to the Blockout campaign in New Zealand. The idea was born, the name Lovebox was created and the plan was put in motion. May 1st 2009 we launched.

Follow Lovebox on Twitter!

How do you decide which charities to support?

We chose Cancer Research UK as the first charity. This was due to cancer personally touching our lives, but also due to the awareness already surrounding the charity and the illness. A high profile charity helps launch a new digital wristband.

Our second charity was chosen by Lovebox viewers via a poll on our ‘Get involved’ page. We continue with this each month. Vote now at Get Involved!

When you choose a charity to support, is there coordination with that charity group?

We approach the charities we have so far and confirm they are happy for us to support them. So far the charities have been very keen. After all they don’t actually have to do anything but agree to our support, sit back and enjoy the raised awareness and funds! After just a few months we now have charities approaching us left, right and centre and are currently working out how we can support them all in different ways.

Other than growing your followers/supporters, what is the biggest challenge facing Lovebox and how do you plan to address it?

Our followers and supporters have been great. We have raised money and awareness and it’s still early days. The press have written about us too which is awesome. The next steps are to make this even more viral with customisable avatars, banners, widgets, video players etc. We also plan to allow people to take the Lovebox brand as their own, put on events and organise fundraisers on their own but with our support.

The biggest challenge is growth. It all takes time and we are allowing it to be organic.

Charity Tuesday (or #charitytuesday) on Twitter seems to have really taken off, were you surprised by this?

We were surprised by the speed of which it took off, only two hours, but we did expect it to take off eventually. It’s an easy and effective way to show your support for a good cause or charity, so hey why not!

Do you plan to host or sponsor real-life charity events?

In a way yes. We will hold our own events in the future, but in the mean time we’re happy for the public to host events in our name. In fact, there will be one this month in Shoreditch held by some supporters!

I really like the idea of self-hosted fundraisers and events. Speaking of, what is the event in Shoreditch about?

This is being organised by a tweet-up group as we speak. They found us through Twitter and liked the idea. They put on monthly events in an Italian restaurant which involved great food, drinks and good conversation. We plan to attend but the date is still up in the air for the moment. Should be the end of July.

The design business, The House London, seems to be the main business. Is Lovebox sort of a complimentary project that showcases your design and marketing skills or is it a wholly separate business?

Currently it’s as you suggest. The long term plan is for Lovebox to turn into a full digital solution for charities around the world and become a company in its own right!

Michael, thank you for your time!

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