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Friends of Talk with Tim: Funny and Cute Pets

Posted on 17 January 2010 by Tim

On my Facebook page, I put out a call for cute, funny or interesting pet or animal pictures. My goal was to do a fun, lighthearted post. I was pleasantly surprised by the response and support from my friends! Below you’ll find the cutest pet pics that my friends sent me – plus a few of my own! (Including the thumbnail to the left here.) I hope at least one of these pictures puts a smile on your face! ‘Cause that’s my goal. Have a great day!

I’m open to more submissions…so spread the word and be sure to comment below if you liked the pictures!

Oh! If the picture is too small – click it! – and it will go to the full size image. Enjoy!

If you think you have a cute or funny pet picture that you’d like to share please send them to tim@talkwithtim.com!

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