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My Zombie Pinup: These Girls Aren’t Shy Eaters

Posted on 03 December 2009 by Tim

I’ve heard lots of guys say they like a woman who can eat… Really?

Anyway, have you ever thought a zombie was, maybe, a little sexy? If not, you might consider the possibility when you see My Zombie Pinup. These lovely, flesh munchers not only want you…they will go great on the wall of your office!

Why? ‘Cause My Zombie Pinup is a wall calendar. Plus, you can get great swag like t-shirts and hoodies.

Miss July Jaylin Suicide from My Zombie Pinup

My Zombie Pinup is an homage to the classic pin up. With several of the shots directly references some of our favorite works by the master of the pinup Gil Elvgren. [More Inspiration]

The photos, as you can see above, are top notch. The background settings are flawless and the models look great. In fact, some of them are downright creepy! The contrast of sexy pinup and bloody zombie is intriguing and creates a unique appeal.

If you haven’t picked up a 2010 wall calendar, you should consider My Zombie Pinup. I mean, where else will you see girl-on-girl zombie action?

Girl-on-Girl Zombie Action - My Zombie Pinup

Thank you to Shalaco, co-founder of My Zombie Pinup, for bringing the site to my attention and talking with me via email.

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