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Making Out With Strangers by Peroxide Mocha

Posted on 28 October 2009 by Tim

I’m letting you blow my mind. Almost every single time.

For a couple of, mostly, self-taught musicians Peroxide Mocha is a surprisingly enjoyable ride through a quirky, but lively, synthpop album. Pete developed some amazing compositions for us to enjoy. Although Rachel sometimes come across a little flat and passionless, overall, her vocals complement the music nicely. Start the Fire is a really great example of PM’s vocals and beats coming together like peanut butter and jelly.

Peroxide Mocha Pete and Rachel At times, Peroxide Mocha sounds like they have incorporated influences from 8-bit, chiptune music.

Cult favorite boy/girl party pop duo return with their 4th album filled with witty observations about relationships disguised as floor-filling, booty-shaking break-up anthems.

Don’t Have My Baby, Start the Fire, Think of Two, and Two of Hearts are the best tracks. Ghost of a Chance is funny. I mean, how often does a song feature a Ouija board? And with everyone making songs celebrating their awesome city, it’s refreshing to hear someone teasing their town as in Port Angeles, “Go to jail or have a baby. This is life in PA.”

Everything is dirty
girls are dressed like hos
its Pancake House is closed
there’s nowhere else to go…

The dysfunctional relationship theme make this album a great gift for your recently single friends! Or, if you like quirky music with awesome dance beats!

Order Making Out With Strangers Here

Peroxide Mocha is on Donut Nook Records, run by Pete Ellison.

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