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Love Changes Things by Ju-Taun

Posted on 27 July 2009 by Tim

You probably first heard of Ju-Taun when they blazed past thousands of contestants to become the #2 group on MTV’s Top Pop Group. But this group of 4 young men from New Jersey is not new to the music scene. Their latest album Love Changes Things follows two EPs , It’s Been A Long Time and Say It, and one LP titled How Bad U Want It. In fact, Ju-Taun had the #6 Hottest Chart Topper on Amazon for their album How Bad U Want It. In addition to their massive exposure on MTV, Ju-Taun has performed live with Chris Brown, Tyrese, 112, Jagged Edge, and Ashanti.

From talent show to television, this group is making some serious moves. They have been described as, “exuberant, richly orchestrated, fusion of vintage soul and contemporary R&B/Pop” and after listening to the album I think you’ll agree.

Love Changes Things

Love Changes Things is a surprisingly good release with a solid balance of upbeat tracks and slower songs. Ju-Taun manages to carve a solid place for themselves in R&B. Not only capturing the attention of younger fans but also appealing to older audiences.

The guys sound very comfortable on the mic and they are great at getting the emotion of the song across to the listener. The choruses are catchy and the production is top notch. The quality is self-evident but it’s the actual content of the lyrics that really hooks the listener.

Favorite Tracks:

  • Is It Love
  • Get @ Me
  • It’s Alright
  • Change Your Mind

Too Slow For Tim:

  • Let Me In
  • Yes



Ju-Taun has really crafted a solid LP. Each track carries you along the emotionally bumpy road that is Love. The outcome is a touching album that is bound to make a cozy home for itself on your favorite playlist.

I’ll certainly be keeping up with Ju-Taun as their career progresses. It’s been a joy to review the album, +1 Fan right here!

My name is Tim and I believe…Love Changes Things.

  • Heather

    Great album!

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