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7 Awesome Personal Finance and Money Podcasts

Posted on 11 October 2009 by Tim

As most of my friends know, I am really interested in financial information. Stocks, debt reduction, retirement planning and all the other topics that fall under the broad umbrella of personal finances peak my interest. In fact, I enjoy it so much I even used to write a personal finance blog!

Although I recommend subscribing to personal finance blogs and reading…sometimes there’s just too much information to sort through or you need it on the go. So, one of the best ways to keep up on new PF information is to download and listen to podcasts which is basically a portable (often free) radio-style show to listen to on an MP3 player. Play them in your car, on the subway, at the gym…whatever works for ya. Here are 7 Personal Finance Podcasts that I think are worth listening to. Enjoy!

7 Awesome Personal Finance and Money Podcasts

  • Consumerism Commentary – Featuring great interviews, the CC personal finance podcast discusses a range of issues including finding coupons online, reducing debt, financial planning, becoming a millionaire, using a Roth IRA and many others. [Podcast Here, Twitter Here]
  • Money Girl – Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life. What a great summary! Each episode with Money Girl tackles a specific topic and generally addresses a question. [Podcast Here, Twitter Here]
  • Money Guy – Not surprisingly, it’s a money podcast! Brian Preston is certified and deals with money for a living and he provides great tips via his free podcast. [Podcast Here, Twitter Here]
  • No Credit Needed – Although NCN hasn’t posted a new show in a while, the ones that are available are worth listening to. He also runs a very good personal finance blog as well as a network blog. You’ll find a lot of good tips for reducing your debt. [Podcast Here, Twitter Here]
  • Personal Finance Hour – The PFH is hosted by JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly and Jim Wang of Bargaineering, two of the top personal finance blogs. [Podcast Here, Twitter Here]
  • Millionaire or Bust – I like MOB because it covers some of the more technical business and investing information. The show includes a cross-section of financial news such as bank failures and stock movements. [Podcast Here, Twitter Here]
  • The Dave Ramsey Show – Big name, big production, good information. Dave Ramsey is a very well known “financial guru” and he hosts a pretty solid personal finance podcast. With this podcast you have to either use iTunes or Juice to get the audio. But it’s worth it. [Podcast Here, Twitter Here]

Please leave feedback below if you feel like I’ve skipped over a really great personal finance, investing, debt reduction or money podcast. I’d love to find some new ones to listen to!

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  • BillyCasarez
    Personal financing and micro management should be subjects of interest for all of us especially now when the financial crisis has reduced our budgets. These podcasts are a great way to keep up with the different changes that take place in the financial market and to learn how to better manage your funds on the long term.
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  • Jake
    I respectively disagree that Dave Ramsey is any kind of guru, much less financial. He admits that he's just dispensing common sense advice, advice that could be gotten from most anyone. The difference is that he's making a lot of money off people in financial distress. If he was really concerned about his audience, and had any altruistic grounding, he wouldn't be charging those in a financial bond for his 'Financial Peace' seminars.
  • Jake, I agree with most of your assessment of Dave Ramsey. I put financial guru inside quotes for a reason...mainly because it's a term used to describe well known people who discuss finances.

    Thanks for your comment!
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