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Interview with Personal Finance Blogger David from My Two Dollars

Posted on 14 October 2009 by Tim

Today, I’m pleased to introduce to you David from MyTwoDollars.com, which is a personal finance blog. David writes about his experience in getting out of debt, managing money, saving and investing. David says he launched the site, “after finding my way back from the brink…overloaded with debt, getting married, and changing careers…and decided to throw in the knowledge I have learned over the last few years.

Personal Finance Blogger David from My Two Dollars

For those who are new, who are you and what is My Two Dollars all about?

My name is David, and after 12 years working in corporate America, I struck out on my own as a writer and web designer. It’s been almost 4 years of working for myself, and since there is food on my table, I have to say it’s been a success! My Two Dollars is kind of my take on the personal finance world – you won’t necessarily find investment advice or ways to get rich – but rather, a systematic, rational way of living a life free of debt and within your means. I hope my experience of being in debt, getting out of debt, and living a reasonable life encourages others to do the same.

Why did you decide to leave corporate America and become an entrepreneur?

I was burnt out, plain and simple. I was tired of going to work for someone else, sticking to their schedule, and earning them money and only getting a % of it. So one day I up and quit my job without a backup plan – not the smartest move, but one I think forced me into action.

What 3-5 posts from your blog would you consider essential reading for helping people get their finances under control?

I would suggest the following posts:

What, if any, role do you think schools should play in educating young Americans about responsible financial management?

Personal finance needs to be taught in school, period. If it was, I bet less college students would graduate with credit card debt and young adults would be a little more responsible with their money. Most parents, to be honest, do not have a solid grip on personal finance, so having a qualified professional teach the basics in school could go a long way to help out.

Piggy-Bank-Saving-Money What role has your blog played in managing your finances? Do you feel more accountable?

It does make me more accountable, sure, but even more than that it keeps me honest with myself. I wouldn’t feel comfortable writing about one thing and doing another, so I try to be as open as I can be on the site.

You’ve been blogging for a few years now, have you noticed any changes in website traffic or the types of questions asked (or anything else) since the economy started to tank?

Advertising revenue is definitely down, for sure. But I expect that to recover. However, traffic on subjects like “getting out of debt” or “saving money” or “how to find a job” is way up, which is no surprise given our economic situation.

Your blog is ranked very high, in the top 20, among personal finance blogs. Have you been surprised that MTD has become so popular?

Yea, I am surprised – but that just tells me that there are people out there who really need advice and guidance on finding their own positive relationship with money. Not everyone is into being rich or having the best “stuff” or talking about where to invest money…some just want to live a comfortable life doing what they love. I feel MTD has found that niche and filled it nicely.

What personal finance blogs do you enjoy reading?

That’s a tough one because there are certainly many. To name a few, I enjoy reading Cash Money Life, Five Cent Nickel, Being Frugal, and Lazy Man & Money because they have a solid, personal voice behind the “screen”. Too many sites make you feel like you are reading text written by a robot, so I appreciate the personal touches and stories. It keeps things interesting.

David, thank you for your time!

  • http://www.mytwodollars.com/ David

    Thanks for the interview Tim, enjoyed doing it!

  • http://www.mytwodollars.com/ David

    Thanks for the interview Tim, enjoyed doing it!

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