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Rules of the League: A Fantasy Sports Web Comedy

Posted on 22 November 2009 by Tim

Punt. Pass. Play! Rules of the League is the fantasy sports comedy web series.

Rules of the League

We meet Joel Ballard, a clean-cut athletic looking guy, shortly after he becomes unemployed. The now former-journalist has lots of free time and Joel wants to relaunch his sports blog. Problem #1: his press pass was revoked. The blog also reignites an interest in the fantasy sports league he started in college.

Joel has help though…well, sort of. Wallace is the goofy best friend that lends a hand to Joel in getting his blog, and the fantasy league, on track. They’re an odd team but it works. Except when Wallace gets caught watching porn while babysitting Joel’s baby. That’s just not right.

The characters are approached with a mix of high school and adult humor that entertained me through the first 5 episodes (all there is to-date). Each episode is offered in HD and has an intriguing cast of characters like Teri Bradshaw, the blog’s gossip queen.

This show is worth keeping an eye on. Rules of the League has a lot of potential.

The Rules of The League – Trailer from One Step Productions on Vimeo.

See the Tubefilter’s review of Rules of the League here.

Rules of the League logo

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Portland, Oregon Weighs In On Healthcare Reform

Posted on 20 October 2009 by Tim

Obamacare. Healthcare reform. Single-payer system. Public option. What do you support?

I decided to head out into the streets of Portland to find out where average Americans stood on the issue. I was really hoping to find some strong opinions especially against reform. Not because I don’t support healthcare reform but because I wanted to try to dig past the one liners from TV and see how they really felt. But alas, none were to be found.

Average Americans Discuss Healthcare Reform

A big “Thank You!” to my friend Aaron Jensen for helping me with this project and to the friendly people who agreed to participate.

Image by Shermee.

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Full Interview with Yaro Starak

Posted on 28 August 2009 by Tim

For some reason PodPress didn’t want to play the first of three parts of my podcast interview with Yaro Starak, author of Entrepreneurs-Journey.com. Yaro discusses how he has made money online for over 10 years. He now blogs full-time.

So, what I’ve decided to do is put it into a video/slideshow format so the entire interview is in one piece.

TalkwithTim.com Interview with Yaro Starak from Tim Moon on Vimeo.

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