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Rocking’ With The SEACATS

Posted on 11 December 2009 by Tim

When you think of Northwest rock, most people think grunge or something along those lines. Well, these guys from Kelso, Washington are hittin’ the airwaves with funky, powerpop rock that is well worth listening to. The SEACATS are a nerdy blend of alt rock with plenty of radio friendly tracks.

Their 6-track self-titled EP, offers up riffs and synths with equal vigor. Overall, the album is energetic but track 6 slows things down a bit. Although it’s slower, Paint (track 6) does not disappoint with its long storytelling feel, angry guitars and happy chimes. Fun, fun music!

Though some of the vocals sound young, the quality of the musicianship is well developed. With a positive feel and party time tunes I can see these guys rockin’ shows and iPods from coast to coast.

People seem to think we’re a 90’s throwback band. Could be worse I guess.” – SEACATS.

Click the image below to download their self-titled EP for Free!

Up tempo guitar chords, and bratty vocals just make me want to curl up with a bowl of POP’s and watch Nickelodeon cartoons when they were at their best“. Read more of the review of the SEACATS by Kris Foster.

SEACATS-We Don’t Sleep from The Mike And Joey Jesus Show on Vimeo.

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Darth Hater Talks Star Wars: The Old Republic

Posted on 08 December 2009 by Tim

Star Wars: The Old Republic is the upcoming massively multiplayer online-game (MMO) from BioWare and LucasArts. The game is set long ago, during a time period that hasn’t been explored much. The Treaty of Coruscant has been signed by the Sith Empire and the Republic but tensions are running high.

Tension leads to conflict. Conflict leads to a great setting. And a great setting is just what an epic MMO needs! Oh and just to put this in perspective, according to SWTOR FAQ, the game is set 3,500 years before the rise of Darth Vader.

Darth Hater - SWTOR Community and Podcast

But this is about Darth Hater, a SWTOR blog and podcast, that aims to bring you all the latest news and commentary. I was able to speak with Justin Lowe, also known as sado on the website and forum, he is the Founder and a Content Producer on DarthHater.com. Follow Darth Hater on Twitter here.

Interview with Darth Hater

How’d you come up with the name Darth Hater?

Originally I had an idea to make a personal blog out of my own excitement for Star Wars: The Old Republic. This website needed a name so I asked a few friends for some ideas. One response in particular stuck with me – Darth Hater. Nick Cerbini, a friend of mine, originally used the name as an alias in Unreal Tournament and he made the suggestion. After deciding it sounded right, I went to see if the domain was available and, to my surprise, it was. Apparently the person who owned it before let the domain lapse and went back on the market just a month or so prior to me attempting to register it. You could say I encountered a stream of unending luck.

What aspect of The Old Republic are you most excited about?

I will be hated for saying this, but I am looking forward to story the most. There is much yet to see of The Old Republic, but from what I have seen thus far the story of the game intrigues me the most. Story in MMORPGs is one of those features that I feel has been sorely lacking up till this point. I can also say that it is one of the biggest selling points to friends of mine who have not played MMORPGs before and, until recently, have seen no reason to start. This is anecdotal of course, but take the case of my brother – he has never played an MMORPG or even come close to playing one, but now with story being a primary focus of The Old Republic, and BioWare’s track record, is considering checking it out. The draw of a good story in an MMORPG should not be underestimated. We all have confidence that The Old Republic will retain everything previous MMORPG have had, but I feel we have yet to see story done well in an MMORPG, and that is why it is the most exciting aspect of The Old Republic to me.

What are your readers most interested in when it comes to TOR?

Everyone is looking for the facts when it comes to The Old Republic. We have tried to cater to that by removing as much speculation as possible and piece together the facts of what is shown without the fluff. It has been a centerpiece of our website in the form of dissections which have garnered us an immense amount of traffic in response.

From what you’ve seen so far, is BioWare on the right track with the game?

Everything I have seen thus far suggests that. There have been complaints from the community of BioWare/LucasArts not showing off enough of the actual mechanics of The Old Republic, but I think the latest Imperial Agent demo that was shown to the press demonstrates that they are trying to address those concerns. Speaking just of myself, I couldn’t be more excited about the track of the game at this point. If sometime down the line they announce Wookiee or Jawa Jedi then I might have to rethink that statement.

SWTOR Jedi and Sith Battle

It’s hard to tell without playing the game, but do you think TOR could be bigger than World of Warcraft?

That’s a bit too speculative for me. World of Warcraft is definitely the eight billion pound gorilla in the room when it comes to MMORPGs and I am not under any delusions that The Old Republic will somehow dethrone them as king of the genre. While this is an interesting discussion for many, I don’t see why they both can’t exist side by side. I can say that I quit World of Warcraft for the simple reason of boredom. After 4+ years of playing the same game you are bound to get a little burnt out of the game. I have to imagine that there are people out there in my same position regarding World of Warcraft, but do I think that the release of The Old Republic will lead to a mass exodus from World of Warcraft? Simply put, no. However I do think both will be quite healthy long after this debate is over.

The storyline of the game is intriguing. Do you happen to know how much of this time period has been covered in books and comics?

The story of this time period is extremely open which is most likely why Bioware chose this time period to use in the game. There are a couple books coming out as well as the paperback version of the Threat of Peace which you will be able to pick up sometime down the line that will discuss the time period but other than that there is not much known of this time period. There is alot known however about 300 years in the past which deals with Revan but in the current time period is seems as if Bioware is completely open along with LucasArts to craft what they want regarding the story and setting.

Who are you most likely to side with? The Republic or the Sith Empire?

All of us at Darth Hater have decided on Sith Empire to start off with. It would be a bit weird having all of the Darth Hater staff rolling Republic first.

The Sith Empire seems like a good choice to start off. Have you guys decided on classes yet?

The team has vastly different opinions regarding the classes. For myself I am looking forward to either playing the bounty hunter or imperial agent. Dover is looking forward to playing an imperial agent and Emleah is looking forward to playing a Sith Inquisitor. Unfortunately the rest of our team is rather undecided at the moment regarding their class. Most of our team will likely decide what class they will play a couple weeks before launch.

Is Darth Hater the first blog you guys have worked on or are you all experienced bloggers?

Most of us have worked on other blogs or news sites before but this is definitely the most trafficked one any of us have worked on. The Star Wars: The Old Republic community, and our own community at Darth Hater, have been incredibly supportive all the way. We wouldn’t be where we are without them.

Thank you sado for chatting with me! If you’re interested in getting more from Darth Hater, I suggest you check out their blog, podcast or follow them on Twitter.

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Champions Online: The Superhero MMO

Posted on 25 November 2009 by Tim

Champions Online, made by the same folks who created City of Heroes, is essentially an MMO version of the same thing. Heroes with powers run around and kill people. Typical MMO fare. However, the content is relatively shallow, the powers aren’t that interesting and you have to stick to established builds to do well in combat. There’s an archenemy system that is supposed to challenge you but other than that there aren’t many truly unique aspects of this game.

One thing you’ll notice right off the bat, after installation, is the drawn out super-in-depth character creation. You can customize your character with a wide array of features. The sad thing is that the rest of the game doesn’t seem to have the same level of detail put into it.

Leveling is a linear progression of quests. Basically, questing is the only way to level a character. Not that it’s a bad way to level. But Champions doesn’t offer much…the quests aren’t interesting and didn’t pull me into the lore of the game. Although Cryptic Studio is working to improve group quests, there isn’t much group content at this point.

Champions Online will not pose a major threat to other MMOs. It’s simply not that good.

I gave it a go. But the game didn’t turn out to be worth the monthly subscription. I won’t be playing CO anymore and will approach Cryptic Studios games with a bit more caution.

I’m holding out hope that Star Trek and Star Wars: The Old Republic will turn out to be much better.

Champions Online Logo

Other Reviews of Champions Online:

  • MMOCrunch says, “It’s extremely casual and alt friendly, but is hamstrung by a lack of group content early on.”
  • For The Lore thinks that “This is the next step in the evolution of hero MMO’s. It is a good game but it is very clearly built upon the shoulders of City of Heroes.”
  • EuroGamer covers it pretty well here: “Cryptic’s superhero MMO serves a huge heap of wish-fulfilment to you before you’ve even started playing, ladles yet more onto your plate after barely an hour, and then lets it all go cold and you hungry for half the game’s length. It has hundreds of missions, but somehow they’re barely enough to sustain a single play-through, and they’re stretched out over a handful of over-extended locations. It doles out character progression in terms that are hard to understand or notice; it constantly showers you in meaningless items, but rations exciting new skills with mind-numbing parsimony.”

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Rules of the League: A Fantasy Sports Web Comedy

Posted on 22 November 2009 by Tim

Punt. Pass. Play! Rules of the League is the fantasy sports comedy web series.

Rules of the League

We meet Joel Ballard, a clean-cut athletic looking guy, shortly after he becomes unemployed. The now former-journalist has lots of free time and Joel wants to relaunch his sports blog. Problem #1: his press pass was revoked. The blog also reignites an interest in the fantasy sports league he started in college.

Joel has help though…well, sort of. Wallace is the goofy best friend that lends a hand to Joel in getting his blog, and the fantasy league, on track. They’re an odd team but it works. Except when Wallace gets caught watching porn while babysitting Joel’s baby. That’s just not right.

The characters are approached with a mix of high school and adult humor that entertained me through the first 5 episodes (all there is to-date). Each episode is offered in HD and has an intriguing cast of characters like Teri Bradshaw, the blog’s gossip queen.

This show is worth keeping an eye on. Rules of the League has a lot of potential.

The Rules of The League – Trailer from One Step Productions on Vimeo.

See the Tubefilter’s review of Rules of the League here.

Rules of the League logo

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B-Type from Letters vs. Numbers and Superpowerless

Posted on 09 November 2009 by Tim

With thick mutton chops and a fairly high-pitched, heavily-accented British voice, B-Type is certainly not your typical rapper. But lo, he is a nerd! So, his look fits right in.

I first became acquainted with B-Type on Rhyme Torrents, the largest nerdcore hip hop community forum. Although he’s become more refined in his style, he started off a bit rough but came across as a cool dude which instantly makes him likable. I’ve heard him progress through the first Rhyme Torrents rap battle tournament, various Rhyme Torrents compilation albums and the occasional episode of Letters vs. Numbers. Over the last couple years, I’ve come to appreciate his style and the effort he puts into his work.

Previously known as Mister B, he is now part of the chiptune group Superpowerless which is definitely worth checking out! Also in the works is a solo album titled Hugs.

Check Out The Picture Gallery Below!

Interview with B-Type

So B-Type, how’d you get involved in music and what projects are you working on right now?

I started out as a bassist in a terrible skapunk/poprock band called Should Have Seen It Coming, which then changed its name to Third Floor, and then to No More nightfall, and finally Raziel. It lasted something like 16 months, we had about 15 practices and 15 less gigs. When I moved to Bradford for University, I was lucky enough to be in Halls of Residence with a punk named Duncan, and we formed the band Dead Mercredi, with the logic that there was a band for every day of the week except Wednesday. (Wednesday13 totally dosnt count.)

This band was similarly unproductive, and I spent my time trolling Emo chatrooms and going to whatever local live gigs I could. Someone in the emo chat thought I would get a kick out of the MC Lars song Signing Emo, which of course I did. This, combined with a blossoming love of live Hip-Hop shows, cemented my decision to become a Nerdcore Rapper.

That, and I wanted to be the Bloodhound Gang but was sick of putting together bands that went no-where!

As for right now, Im working on my 3rd Album, technically my debut album as B-Type, entitled “Hugs”. For the first time since I started making music, I am working with a producer, Jaylyn Coffin of Emergency Pizza Party, which has made the world of difference. While ive always enjoyed making music, this is the first time ive truly been excited about it.

Are any MCs making a feature on your upcoming album Hugs?

Hugs is kinda a long way away, Im thinking like early 2010, so while solo-songs are very close to completion, the collaborations are some ways away. That said, I already have Verses coming my way from Fanatical/Jaylyn Coffin, and Quartz Relic of Magitek fame. My usual co-conspirators, Category, Illithid, and Superpowerless will probably feature at some point. Ive been trying to come up with a concept for a song to do with My Parents Favourite Music, and I have a list of dream collaborations I might start trying to tick off.

So, in answer to your question, yes!

What inspired the album’s title?

Well, the first album was called Snogs, which is, um, English I guess for kissing with tongues. While I was in Florida for Nerdapalooza 08, everyone seemed to find this word hilarious. Genoboost made a hilarious comic about it and i decided to use it as album art. Ever since, ive gone for like….monosyllabic gestures of affection, so Hugs was a natural one to think. Plus, at one stage, many of the (now scrapped) songs were about frustrations with relationships and hugs were the only affection i was getting so it fitted that tone well, and alot of the songs im writing now are much happier and sweet on account of finding love and such, so it still fits. Im running out of words though. Snogs, Winks, Hugs……I figure “Daps” might be next. Maybe it will be a Zealous1 Collaboc1de style album, although im jumping the gun a bit there.

How did you and Jaylyn Coffin meet up? Is Coffin the only producer on Hugs?

Akin to many people involved in nerdcore, we were both part of the Rhyme Torrents community, and both attended Nerdapalooza. I should probably point out that I am lucky enough to be able to say we are romantically involved! After this years Nerdapalooza, she was on the Superpowerless / Jaylyn Coffin / B-Type mini-tour and became a member of Superpowerless, as part of the live band as well as shooting 3 videos for us.

Superpowerless-Rock-Thumb Production wise, she is in charge of recording and mixing my vocals. Oliver Hindle (Superpowerless) has volunteered his skills to do the same job, so I dare say he will be involved there as well. On the beats side of things, I still make the odd beat myself and tend to go to Illithid first for beats that, you know, dont suck. Although this time round, Im on beats by way more people than last time, including Wholemilk, b0wlman, Category and Quartz Relic thus far.

Superpowerless has had a lot of success in the 8bit genre, who comprises the group and how did you guys form up?

Superpowerless is Oliver Hindle, but has had a hilariously rotating cast for a long time. I have the questionable honor of being the longest serving member besides Oliver, and currently the group comprises of the two of us. Jaylyn Coffin played with us on our first tour, and Mike Slevin played guitar when we were gigging round Leeds. We yoyo between being a two and three piece, but not counting stage invasions we have been 5 members thick before.

As for how we formed, Superpowerless was Olivers project for a while. I booked him to play Nerdapalooza UK and we became friends. One time I let him know I was coming to a gig, and he texted me asking if I would join him on stage, as his bandmates at the time were unable to show. I had dabbled in chiptune before so I was down with it, and the gig went pretty well! I just kept showing up to gigs ever since….I never did see his other band mates. He is pretty much a monster so he may well have made them up.

How many live gigs have you done with Superpowerless?

Gosh, Im not sure. At one point we were gigging at least once a week, sometimes 4 times, for a couple of months. I would speculate we have done approximately 15000 gigs, including open mics, family fun days, radio shows and completely unattended pubs.

You gotta be a drinker to be the sidekick in Superpowerless.

Letters-vs-Numbers-Logo-Thumb What is the Letters vs. Numbers podcast? Does the name have any special meaning?

LvN is a show I do with Genoboost and Chibi-Ma from gamemusic4all.com. it can be found at www.lettersvsnumbers.net and has a music/chat format. It mainly consists of Ma and I teasing eachother, and Geno cracking us up with one-liners, although we do of course discuss geeky music, videogames and other nerd things.

The name was originally for an online label Genoboost and Hex Warrior of Nerdapalooza were putting together. Neither had the time to do it really, but Geno loved the name, and when we whimsically decided to do a podcast, he mentioned the name to me and I thought it was awesome. Its come to represent our relationship with our listeners, with the hosts being the Letters and the listeners being the Numbers. We tease our listeners somewhat, but they love it. Actually, we mostly tease other podcasts and their inability to be as good as us!

Yes Vagina Deep in Podcast, you sicken us.

How long has LvN been around?

Since April 12th 2008, which is the day we decided to do a podcast, did a podcast, and put it out.

For a new listener, what 1 or 2 LvN podcasts would you recommend?

Generally speaking, I would say whichever one went out the most recently! But my personal favourites are the 2 from Nerdapalooza 08, which represented the first time Genoboost and I had ever met in real life. The insanely long episodes 14a and 14b are also ones I listen to from time to time. Featuring Shinobi Onibocho from Krondor Krew as well as what I am fairly sure was Chibi-Ma’s second Letters vs Numbers show, the vast majority of in-jokes we have come from that show, as well as the first one Ma was on, “The Lifestream made me do it”.

I know you have in the past but did you attend Nerdapalooza this year?

I did! My Letters vs Numbers co-host Genoboost of gamemusic4all.com and I had the honor of hosting the event this year, which was an absolute blast. I got to do a song with a long time hero of mine My Parents Favorite Music, as well as introduce some mind-blowing acts like MC Lars, Zealous1, Scrub Club, I Fight Dragons…argh Im making a mess, dropping names everywhere.

I also got incredibly drunk.

What prompted the name change to B-Type from Mister B?

It was something that was on my mind for a while. There were many problems with the name MisterB. For a start, there were a bunch of different musicians already performing under that name. If you put misterb into google, I was usually the top result music wise, unless one of the others had put out an album recently, so this wasnt a huge problem. The main problem was the top result: A Hardcore Sex Webshop catering to the gay BDSM market.



I still answer to the name MisterB, still refer to myself as MisterB, but the music I do from now on is B-Type. It was pretty cathartic, actually, as no-one has heard any B-Type music (apart from, you know. Tetris) so I felt like I could work and release things without having to worry that people would assume it was rubbish because I did it!

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Making Out With Strangers by Peroxide Mocha

Posted on 28 October 2009 by Tim

I’m letting you blow my mind. Almost every single time.

For a couple of, mostly, self-taught musicians Peroxide Mocha is a surprisingly enjoyable ride through a quirky, but lively, synthpop album. Pete developed some amazing compositions for us to enjoy. Although Rachel sometimes come across a little flat and passionless, overall, her vocals complement the music nicely. Start the Fire is a really great example of PM’s vocals and beats coming together like peanut butter and jelly.

Peroxide Mocha Pete and Rachel At times, Peroxide Mocha sounds like they have incorporated influences from 8-bit, chiptune music.

Cult favorite boy/girl party pop duo return with their 4th album filled with witty observations about relationships disguised as floor-filling, booty-shaking break-up anthems.

Don’t Have My Baby, Start the Fire, Think of Two, and Two of Hearts are the best tracks. Ghost of a Chance is funny. I mean, how often does a song feature a Ouija board? And with everyone making songs celebrating their awesome city, it’s refreshing to hear someone teasing their town as in Port Angeles, “Go to jail or have a baby. This is life in PA.”

Everything is dirty
girls are dressed like hos
its Pancake House is closed
there’s nowhere else to go…

The dysfunctional relationship theme make this album a great gift for your recently single friends! Or, if you like quirky music with awesome dance beats!

Order Making Out With Strangers Here

Peroxide Mocha is on Donut Nook Records, run by Pete Ellison.

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Peroxide Mocha: The Electro Party Duo

Posted on 26 October 2009 by Tim

Peroxide Mocha, the electro party duo, has released their 4th album of synthpop titled, Making Out With Strangers. While focused on relationships, the album tends toward observations about the dysfunctional ones. Other hot topics include cup size for women and Port Angeles, Washington – the town. No joke. Rachel and Pete bring a fun yet quirky attitude to their music, which I’ve really enjoyed.

I’d like to thank both Pete and Rachel for chatting with me about their music.

Interview with Peroxide Mocha

Peroxide-Mocha How did you two meet and start making music?

Rachel: I got Pete’s number from a friend – I can’t remember specifically why I wanted it in the first place – I was in to calling strangers at the time. I called him and bugged him and somehow it came up in conversation that we had both always wanted to be in a band. We recorded our first song that very night over the phone. We were both 17 years old.

Pete: If somebody just called me up out of the blue like that today it would seem stalker-ish and weird, so its strange to think back that at 17 it seemed perfectly normal. Those were different times. I had been making lots of experimental music and just beginning to learn to put beats together to make songs. I didn’t really have any money so my equipment was a sampler that I programmed myself using Hypercard on my Mac, a copy of SoundEdit, a Casio SK-1, a turntable and a huge library of old 45’s that I liked sampling from. When Rachel told me she wanted to make music it seemed natural to just write things on the spot and record stuff using whatever we had laying around. I guess I was doing that a lot, forming bands and various recording projects with just whoever was around at the time. Rachel and I shared a similar sense of humor and aesthetic and it just kinda stuck!

What inspires your music?

Rachel: Something will catch our attention – not usually anything big or important – and we’ll make a rhyme out of it and laugh about it. 90% of the stuff we write will never see the light of day, but we’d like to think that 10% that does is pretty good, or at least amusing.

Pete: We definitely only write to amuse ourselves – we actually have a really good writing system down, it’s almost psychic, being able to complete each other’s thoughts. We write, write, write all the time, then go back later and pick the best stuff to record after it’s all stewed for a bit. I think we get inspired by everyday activities and interactions, things that people otherwise might not stop and think about.

From CDBaby:

Cult favorite boy/girl party pop duo return with their 4th album filled with witty observations about relationships disguised as floor-filling, booty-shaking break-up anthems.

What is the relationship with your fans like? Do you derive inspiration from those interactions?

Pete: I think since the initial fan base for our stuff was just our circle of friends, and kind of extended outward from there, Peroxide Mocha fans are kind of a big giant extended family. I have a word I made up called “Frand”, which is somebody who becomes your friend after starting out as a fan. One of our “Frands” made this really, scarily complete wiki about us once – I’m not even sure where he got his info. He has old lyrics and poems and things from our website 10 years ago – things even I’d forgotten about. Outside of that we have a couple of stalker weirdos who keep things interesting. Nobody’s dressed up as us for Halloween yet that I know of, which I’m kind of disappointed about.

Rachel: I’m always excited when I get to interact with a fan who wasn’t a friend first – because I know I’m about to make a new friend. Our fan base is really awesome and we like to make it as easy as possible for fans to interact with us if they want to. I always forget how much some people are paying attention – like what Pete said about the wiki. That was so cool because I’d honestly forgotten about quite a lot of the stuff that was covered. Our fans definitely keep us in check!

Is there a story behind your latest album – Making Out With Strangers? Does that happen a lot (making out with strangers)?

Rachel: Pete and I are both in long-term-relationships with awesome people, so our Stranger-Smooching days are pretty much firmly planted in the past. It used to happen all the time though. We’re very sexy.

Pete: We like to write a lot about imaginary relationships between people that are really, really, really complicated. I think a lot of these songs are about various facets of being in said complicated relationships, and how emotions can be be difficult to explain and even contradictory sometimes. Even if said relationships are imaginary, it makes the material a little more personal than anything we’ve done in the past. “Start The Fire” is kind of about codependency and dating somebody who is mentally ill. “Ghost Of A Chance” is about stalking. “Blow My Mind” is about complacency. I guess the title “Making Out With Strangers” evolved out of these concepts – a lot can happen in 30 seconds.

Were either of you in high school bands or did you pick up your musical talent elsewhere?

Pete: I don’t really have any formal music training if that’s what you’re asking. I learned how to DJ and beat match first and then taught myself how to make music after that.

Rachel: I was in several choirs and took voice lessons in high school, but I never was very good at anything with an instrument. I played violin & piano for a while in high school, but violin is hard and I don’t like piano music.

How has your musical style, or skills, progressed since you two began collaborating?

Pete: I think when we started off we really didn’t have any idea what we were doing musically, but we didn’t let that stop us because we had something to say. Our earlier recordings had a kind of lo-fi charm that a lot of our fans really enjoy, like it was more just about the attitude and the fun and not so much about everything sounding perfect. Now days I actually know how to use a sequencer and properly record things, so we’ve made an album that sounds really well produced. Whether or not that’s a good thing is up to our fans I guess.

Also I think in the past I didn’t really have a good grasp of how to handle Rachel’s vocals to get the most out of them, so in the past most vocals were spoken or rapped or our melodies were just really simple and kind of improv on the spot. We’ve got a handle on it now – I think people were surprised when they listened to “Making Out With Strangers” and heard Rachel’s “grown-up voice”, as one of our friends put it.

Rachel: We have really come a long way since we first started. In the beginning, the vocals came before the music – which was really difficult for both of us. Eventually we figured out that it was a whole lot easier to come up with a beat and a basic melody first, which resulted in a lot cleaner sound. The end result is we sound a lot more professional, and less like two kids with a $2 microphone – but we’re still singing about the same thing we always have been.

Order Making Out With Strangers Here


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Portland, Oregon Weighs In On Healthcare Reform

Posted on 20 October 2009 by Tim

Obamacare. Healthcare reform. Single-payer system. Public option. What do you support?

I decided to head out into the streets of Portland to find out where average Americans stood on the issue. I was really hoping to find some strong opinions especially against reform. Not because I don’t support healthcare reform but because I wanted to try to dig past the one liners from TV and see how they really felt. But alas, none were to be found.

Average Americans Discuss Healthcare Reform

A big “Thank You!” to my friend Aaron Jensen for helping me with this project and to the friendly people who agreed to participate.

Image by Shermee.

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GOSHone Rocks the Videos with Music From Ctrl_Alt_Ego

Posted on 18 October 2009 by Tim

Los Angeles nerdcore rapper, GOSHone released a pretty amazing album last year called Ctrl_Alt_Ego (download link below). I was listening to it in the car the other day and was inspired to share it with you.

For a debut album, GOSH pulled out all the stops. The production value is tight and the album features well known artists YTCracker and MC Plus+, as well as some nice vocal work from a couple ladies.

Although it’s not the strongest track on the album, Where My Nerds At? is easily the most recognizable. I’m partial to Laptop Muzik, Flowin About and Haterz. Newteknowledge is a great track too and is featured in the iPhone music video below. I’d skip past Big Brains because the verse by MC Plus+ drags this one down.

From, coding to gaming and overclockin’ his Pentium, G1 attacks classic nerd topics with fresh angles. You’re going to get a lot of replay value out of this album.

Watch the world’s first music video shot entirely on an iPhone 3G:

Ctrl_Alt_Ego by GOSHone – Free Download

Click Image for Free Download

This is my commentary on my life as an underdog, using my intelligence and tech skills to craft an opus for the modern day Poindexter, decorated with the electronic sounds of underground Los Angeles. [More on GOSHone.com]

G1 appeals to his audience with a deep voice, slick flow and smart, playful lyrics. I’m looking forward to seeing whats up next for the GOSH. Don’t leave us hangin’ too long, man!

Check out G1 on NerdcoreHipHop.com.

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